If 48 hours were in a day,
I’d do what I want and have it my way.
Could I cut my workload in half,
or just put more on my plate?
Fight the hands on the clock, that’s what I hate.

So much to do, so little time, can’t control all I want as mine.
I want time to be on my side.

Sun comes up, out of bed.
Rub my eyes, shake my head.
Blink an eye, sun’s at a resting state.
Time flies when having fun, that’s what I hate.

White rabbit you’re in a rush, late late for an UNimportant date.
I want time to be on my side.

Need to take time to breathe, take time to be, take time to see what’s at your feet.
Take the time which is yours and don’t let it slip away,
Live life every day, live life each day…is a changing of the tide,
One can be good and one bad, but we must experience both sides.

© 2002 Reed Dibeler